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Coach KB Hunt - Certified Mindset Coach is a mother-of-four who realized a need for balance after her divorce. With over 16 years of experience working in talent acquisition, she has developed the skills to help people change their mindset and seek more money and balance. Hunt has served as the Global Talent and D&I Partner for several Fortune 500 companies. She has also implemented and lead the US Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council. Lead the effort to obtain the 2021 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index inaugural score of 90/100 and leading the effort to obtain the Disability Equality Index recognition in 2022. In addition, Hunt has Implemented a Women’s Leadership Development Program to include more than 50 women in 16 countries that includes executive coaching, executive sponsorship, stretch assignments and leadership learning. She hosts an Annual Cabin of Love event for couples who want to learn how to balance their career and relationship.

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I've managed D&I strategic partnerships with organizations including Society of Women Engineers (SWE), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE).

I've sponsored and attended events at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). Partnered with key stakeholders to ensure diverse and inclusive recruiting and hiring practices and ensure brands appeals to a diverse audience.

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Living my passion: transforming my freedom seekers to become the best version of themselves in order to have a Happy Career, Happy Life, Happy Family and Happy Mindset!

Award-winning Recruiter

Career/Bias/Leadership/Entrepreneurial/Recruiter Coach.

REBT Certified Mindset Coach

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I would like to say how KB has changed the trajectory of my life with her work, life balance coaching , mentoring and guidance . When I think of KB I truly think of when they say " GOD SENT" I know that he truly placed her in my life to help navigate me in the areas in which I needed grounding, balance, encouragement , structure and most importantly self love. She first starts out with you on the vessel . How good are you to yourself? How do you view yourself ? KB helps get you aligned to do all the great things we are here to do by asking you a lot of great questions and then helps you apply all the great attributes that you may not have seen or allowed to flourish.  Once you start focusing on you and balancing out your thoughts of yourself she then tells you that it is ok to say "No".  Too often we are saying yes to things and people, when we don't and have not given ourselves the things that others are asking of us. Within 6 months of working with Coach KB my confidence is at 1000, I'm multitasking projects, my credit is up, I'm working on my book . I feel like I'm 20 again and life is just starting , all this because my vision is clear and I'm confident in the decisions I make and I'm no longer stretching myself then I'm balancing it all out & I'm stretching my hand out to KB cause she has that effect #thekbeffect.

-Tonica Lomax, 2021


Kb helped me with my transition into the workforce after retiring from the USMC. I spent 20 years serving my country, and I thought I had my life figured out. KB sat me down, and helped me  find a new path.  She transitioned my resume to a civilian resume.  I am now a six figure earner, and I travel every weekend. She is truly God sent.

-Jason Starks, USMC Retired


I have been an educator for 14 years, and KB has came and spoke at our Career Day program for the last 6 years. Her love for her community is impeccable. The kids love her high spirited personality. She is down to earth, and make tough conversations easy. She will be on TedTalk one day, because she is destined for greatness.

-Deniesh Washington, Educator


Kb stepped in when I was tired of my current profession. Being a mom, I was missing out on so many things involving my kids. I was underpaid, and felt like I had hit a glass ceiling. Kb gave me a new lease at life, helping me increase my salary $30,000 more than I was making. She also showed me ways to maximize working from home. My life now feels complete. I am currently working with her on my business plan, to step out of my fear and work for myself.

-Tiffany Currie, Paralegal

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