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A Shift of Mindset Goes a Long Way: KB Hunt Reveals the Secret to Unlocking a Six Figure Salary

Before becoming lifestyle coach and founder of the Ready to Live Coaching Academy, KB Hunt had to transform her own mindset and use compassion and resolve to change the course of her life. Hunt Found herself at rock bottom when she realized she had to find the strength and drive to pick herself back up- and she hasn’t looked back ever since. And she didn’t stop there; Hunt realized she was incredibly passionate about helping other people unlock their potential as she had. Her dedication towards improving her clients’ lives, coupled with a communications degree, led to the initiation of her own business of Mindset Coaching, taking her from making 60k a year to a six figures income. She chose this track as a side project while working three jobs to make a living as a single mother. While she was working in Talent Acquisition, she recognized a problem; women felt confined to the limitations set by their fears, keeping them from welcoming their own success. She decided to solve this problem by advocating for a change in belief systems and becoming a mindset coach. She found her true calling in this field because of a turning point of her life: After getting laid off from a job that she thought was her saving grace, Hunt was left in dismay. It was only when she received a text from a student who told her how she changed their life with her services that she became cognizant of her impact on others. After that, she was set on the decision to become a pioneer for women seeking an upgraded life.

Coach KB Hunt is now a certified Coach with certifications in Diversity and Inclusion under Cornell University. She has implemented Global Projects such as the Women’s Leadership Development Program and has also led the US Executive for Diversity and Inclusion Council. Her efficacy as a Coach can be ascribed to an experience of 16 years in Talent Acquisition that equipped her with skills and expertise in discovering people’s potential.

In Ready to Live Coaching Academy, she offers 1-1 as well as group sessions that help “Freedom Seekers” accomplish their goals through a range of self-tested techniques.

The Coaching begins with an introductory session that is free of cost, where Hunt partners with freedom seekers (her clients) to uncover their aspirations and identify the obstacles that stand in their way. Subsequent sessions are fixated on a certain aspect of life varying from client to client. Hunt believes that one solution does not fit all, therefore, everyone has a unique path towards personal success. However, there are examples of collective engagement in group sessions too.

What she offers is a modification of mindset by recognition of fears and obstacles and their subsequent removal from thought processes. The course explores various concepts such as money manifestation, procrastination and the law of attraction for seeking abundance in life. She replicates her personal experiences by advising similar tools and techniques to her clients. One rule she swears by the most is a change of language that helps get rid of dissuasion. In addition to this, she recommends journaling every day and using affirmations to manifest what one is striving for.

To learn more about Coach KB Hunt and her services, visit her website

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