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Empowering Women to Find their “Next”; Coach KB Hunt Believes in Changing Mindsets to Change Lives

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Atlanta, GA- July 19, 2022- For Ceal “KB” Hoskie Hunt, the road to becoming Coach KB was long, formidable, and paved with her own share of challenges and setbacks. And yet, it was perhaps these very experiences that equipped Hunt with the skills she needed to realize her dream of uplifting women who were disillusioned with their lives as she once was. When the mother-of-four left her marriage and moved to Atlanta, she was heartbroken, penniless and at the end of her rope. The long hours spent working several jobs to support herself and her children caught up with her, and soon after her 30th Birthday, Hunt had a stroke that paralysed the left side of her body. She had just begun to recover and rebuild her life and health when, in all-too-quick succession, Hunt discovered that the house she had been renting was now foreclosed, and all her belongings were abruptly thrown out.

Hunt had reached the proverbial rock bottom, and was ready to give up. According to her, “My mom tried to counsel me and said ‘what about your children’, and all I could see was their faces. I made a decision that day that I am going to change my life.”. And with this new lease on life came Hunt’s brainchild and first business, “Mommy’s Chance”, which was aimed at helping pregnant teens and teen moms reclaim their lives. Hunt traveled school to school lecturing teens, and soon discovered that she had found her niche. At this stage, she was making no real money from her work, but she knew that helping people feel good about their lives was her true calling.

It was also during this time that Hunt discovered the power of positive visualization and manifestation in her own life, a technique that helped her land a stable and well-paying job, purchase a house and extricate her family from the rut that she had found herself in since she had moved. Hunt knew that hers was a winning method, and she wanted to help people visualize and achieve their goals as she had done. And thus Ready to Live Coaching was born, a project that would allow Hunt to make a remarkable difference in women’s lives by using visualization techniques, manifestation tactics, and effectively removing fear from their thought-process.

Coach KB believes in the fact that every woman’s struggles are unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula to unlocking your success. Ready to Live Coaching caters to clients (whom Hunt refers to as ‘freedom seekers’) from all walks of life, helping them to first define their idea of personal success, introspect, and then collaboratively create a personalized roadmap to achieving their goals. To date, Coach KB has coached a total of 23 women, 15 of whom are working in a six figure role, 3 of whom have started their own coaching businesses, and 5 of whom have started their own businesses in 3 different states. She also works with a number of corporations to empower and teach their employees about work life balance.


Coach KB Hunt is a mother-of-four who realized a need for balance after her divorce. With over 16 years of experience working in talent acquisition, she has developed the skills to help women change their mindset and seek more money and balance. Hunt has served as the Global Talent and D&I Partner for several Fortune 500 companies. She has also implemented and lead the US Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council. Lead the effort to obtain the 2021 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index inaugural score of 90/100 and leading the effort to obtain the Disability Equality Index recognition in 2022. In addition, Hunt has Implemented a Women’s Leadership Development Program to include more than 50 women in 16 countries that includes executive coaching, executive sponsorship, stretch assignments and leadership learning. She hosts an Annual Cabin of Love event for couples who want to learn how to balance their career and relationship.

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